New to WordPress? Don’t know where to start? WordPress is easy to use, but it’s complicated if you don’t know where to begin, right? These are the 5 must have plugins for WordPress websites. Things like security, backup etc are common across all website.

Let’s take a look at the must have plugins for starting any WordPress website. After reading this article you can start making the website you’ve always wanted to, today!

Security plugin

Website security is very important. How important you ask? Well, if you Google ‘Is website security important?’, you’ll get 348,000,000 results. That’s 348 million! That’s how much information is available on the importance of website security.

I’ll tell you why a security plugin is important. After that, you can read my other article on the 6 awesome wp all-in-one security plugins. This article will help you find the best all-in-one security plugin for your WordPress website.

I’m sure you know that WordPress is an open source software, which means that the source code is available to all. This includes the ‘good people’ and the ‘bad people’ alike. Many people try to expose the security loopholes and take advantage of websites that aren’t protected well.

If you want to secure your WordPress website, you must use a security plugin. A security plugin is one of the must have plugins for bloggers.

Backup plugin

Another important plugin for a WordPress website is a backup plugin. You should take regular backups of your website, and by regular I mean everyday. This is especially true if you earn your daily bread through your website. You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your source of income, would you?

If you take a regular backup of your website, you can reverse any damage to your website data or accidental loss of data. This kind of a situation is a nightmare for a website owner. The WordPress repository has several backup plugins to choose from. You can install the one you like and be worry free when it comes to your website data.


Updates plugin

Updating the plugins, WordPress core etc. is very crucial. It will ensure that your website runs smoothly and is more resilient to security breaches.

One of the biggest examples of security breaches in recent times is the Panama Papers leak. Mossack Fonseca (MF), a Panamanian law firm had a major security breach, which resulted in the exfiltration of 2.6TB of confidential data.

The law firm didn’t consider patching its security loopholes and that lead to the security breach. MF was running an old not-up-to-date version of WordPress. Additionally, they were also running Revolution Slider, which is a known WordPress vulnerabilities. The hackers noticed this vulnerability and gained access to 11.5 million documents. They didn’t update their WordPress and certain plugins, which caused the security breach.

If you update all your plugins, WordPress Core , you can avoid such problems. You can head over to the WordPress repository and find the best backup plugin for your website.

Caching plugin

What is caching? Caching is when you show your customers static versions of your web pages. Fetching these static pages is much easier and faster and puts less load on the server. When someone clicks on a page on your website, the database sends and receives queries. The more complicated a website is, the longer it will take to fetch the pages you wish to view. Caching creates static copies of those same dynamic pages. This helps reduce the page load times.

These are the benefits of using a caching plugin:

  • The speed of your website will increase
  • Since, this reduces the back and forth queries, it will also reduce the load on your web hosting server
  • Google favors website that load faster. This is considering that every other SEO parameter is correct.
  • Also, using a Caching plugin gives the best possible user experience (UX).

For these reasons a caching plugin is among the must have plugins for WordPress websites.

SEO plugin

I’m sure that you’re familiar with the term SEO. Although, people consider WordPress to be SEO friendly. Yet, having an SEO plugin can help you reach the first page of Google, because it will help you optimize each post for SEO.

If you want a steady stream of business coming your way, you will need to generate a predictable revenue. This revenue should come in without much effort from your end. This is possible if you get good organic ranking.

For all that, you need a good SEO plugin that will help optimize your pages and posts for SEO. Once again, the WordPress repository has several good SEO plugins for you to select from.

A SEO plugin tells you the SEO ‘friendliness’ of your web page. Some SEO plugins also tell you what to change to make your page more SEO friendly so that it can rank better in Google.



Now you know, which plugins are must have plugins for WordPress, you can start building your site! Check out the infographic below.


Let me know what you think of this article by leaving a comment below. Cheers!