WordPress Design & Development

We use WordPress CMS to create professional, niche relevant websites that are optimized for all types of devices and browsers. We use highly versatile paid premium themes for developing your websites. Hence, websites developed by us are highly professional, responsive, cross browser compatible, fully SEO optimized, hacker resistant and capable of growing along with your business.

WordPress Updates

These updates are very important, and it is imperative that they are done right. WordPress is innovating new features and functionality at a very fast pace. We must ensure that our WordPress core is always up-to-date so that we can utilize the new features and additional functionality. Core updates may also address security-related issues, which help strengthen any ‘weak points’ in WordPress that could have been a potential problem.

Hack Resistance

If you’ve ever had your email address or your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts hacked, then you probably are aware just how much of a problem and inconvenience it really is. If websites are hacked, it is that pain multiplied probably by a factor of a thousand. To considerably lessen the chances of that happening, we have developed a string of security measures that makes a website resistant to hacking attempts. By incorporating these security features at the WordPress and system level, we make it that much harder for the bad guys to get into your website.

24x7 Uptime Monitoring

What good is it really, if your website is down? How will you get business? What happens if your website is down and you don’t know about it? Thinking about this can make you lose sleep at night, really. But, don’t you worry! We’re here to monitor your site 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week all through the year. If something comes up (or goes down), we’ll send you email notifications, so you can get on top of things and sort it out asap.

Guest Posts

Our guest post service is extremely affordable and yet highly natural. We use 100% white-hat linking methods, all are authoritative & real blogs (we do not use private blog networks), we provide completely niche relevant links, the blogs that we post on are all hand-picked to give you maximum value for money, we give total quality assurance and our service also includes after-sales support.

Regular Backups

Well, most of us would have a situation when we have lost data only because we were too lazy to back it up regularly. The problem is, we don’t know we’ve lost it, till we don’t need it and frantically search for it. Losing pictures of our vacations is a pain, but losing website data is a whole other story. We can’t stress enough on how important regular backups are and that’s why we ensure your website data is always safe and secure.

Complete Website Scans

Just like any computer or mobile device is prone to viruses, similarly, websites are prone to not only viruses but a host of other unwanted elements. Just as regular backups are important to prevent data loss, scans are important to maintain the integrity of the website and make sure it isn’t compromised. We perform thorough scans regularly to make sure that the website is clean. Additionally, we also include comment spam filtering, login security and firewall to actively protect your site from attackers.

SEO Analysis

It’s good to have your website rank high in searches. So, we do an in-depth and thorough analysis of your website and send you a set of neatly presented reports. The report would include, among other things:

  • Backlink quality
  • Domains linking to your site (non-toxic & toxic links)
  • External backlinks (non-toxic & toxic links)
  • Link texts used in backlinks
  • Most linked pages of your site.

WordPress Jobs

Small customization jobs like plugin or theme installation, small customizations to your existing theme, etc., can be tedious. If anything like this comes up, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out. We’ve got your back!


Content Posting

Regularly posting content will help you attract visitors. Need an article or a video published? Let us know! Send the content to us and we’ll take one more thing off your plate by posting it for you and lighten your burden, ever so slightly.

Domain and Hosting

Would you like a domain name registered? Sure! We can register any available standard domain name with GoDaddy.

Since we are registering your domain for you, having your website hosted, secured and maintained by us is just very convenient, isn’t it? All the services under one roof!

Staging Environment and Site Migration

A website being down for maintenance can be annoying. With our option of setting up a staging environment for all your development needs, downtime can be greatly minimized. After you’ve made the necessary changes, we’ll help you migrate your site.


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UUPkeep.com has been such a great investment in my website, I can’t recommend their services enough. Not only is the team at UUPkeep.com easy to work with, they are great at what they do, are friendly, and quick to respond! I’m so thankful that I have someone on the backend of my wordpress site to… Read more “UUPkeep has been such a great investment”

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