About Our Company

Hello and Welcome!

UUPkeep.com (read as ‘W-P-keep-dot-com’) is a company founded in the Spring of ‘16 (like the Summer of ‘69, but not really). What we offer is website design, development and maintenance to websites running on WordPress along with content posting, SEO analysis and some other fancy stuff.

UUPkeep.com was born of our early experiences with website maintenance and security. When we started Paduka Consultants back in 2011, we spent a lot of time figuring out the best softwares and services for us. However, we did learn it rather quickly and we’re proud that we’ve learnt how to do website security and maintenance very, very well.

Over the years, speaking to our clients and prospective clients, among other things, we were able to identify certain pain points, which typical users like us experience while looking for a good maintenance and security solution. What we realized was that some of us know what it means to maintain and secure a website but are unaware of what the best tools and processes are. Some of us, along with knowing what all this is also know how all this works, but are just too busy with everything we already have. Then there are some of us who aren’t yet aware of what website security and maintenance entails.

If you identify yourself with any of the above three people, fear not! You are at the right place! We have been there, done that and can identify with your troubles. Why don’t you head over to our features page to see how we can help you solve your problems? If you like what we offer, you should jump over to see how much we charge for it. We are pocket-friendly!

Oh and by the way, would you like to meet our super geeks, who make it all happen? Check them out here. They’re pretty cool (and chatty)! Drop them a line, they’d love to say hi! Look us up on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Hope to speak to you soon. Till then, ciao!


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