Hello Ladles and Gentlespoons! It’s great to see that you would like to learn about website maintenance and it’s even better for me that I get to impart my two-cents worth about website maintenance plan. I’m guessing you’ve either designed a new website or researching about website maintenance plandesigning one (or getting one designed). Though, there is a wealth of information available on what to do after creating a website, you probably still aren’t a hundred percent convinced on why a regular website maintenance schedule is really important, right? Well, whatever the case maybe, I’m here to help you understand why a regular website maintenance plan is absolutely crucial for your business.

Think of website maintenance as the peanut butter to your jelly or the like the apple to your pie (now I can’t get the song out of my head). On a more serious note, website maintenance is like the after sales service for your vehicle. Everyone who owns a car knows how important it is to carry out periodic maintenance. If you don’t maintain your vehicle regularly, then it starts acting up and giving troubles. Then, our experience with that vehicle becomes unpleasant. Similarly, your website needs regular maintenance and upkeep to make sure it is running smoothly and to drastically minimise the chances of something breaking down while a prospect is browsing through your website intent on buying your services. Now, that doesn’t leave a good taste, does it?

Why is Website Maintenance Plan So Important?

Website maintenance sounds really difficult and complex, right? You would probably associate itweb maintenance plan with computer geeks wearing thick glasses, sitting in front of 3 screens and coding away while chugging energy drinks (like in the movies). To be honest, it’s nothing like that. As a matter of fact, it is something you can do yourself. The important thing, however, is to do it regularly and without fail. Let me get on to the real topic of why you should have a website maintenance plan.

The following 9 reasons should convince you for having a monthly website maintenance contract for your website.

Your website is secure

Securing your website is an integral part of any website maintenance plan. Website security is of prime importance these days and for good reason too. Sensitive data being exchanged needs to have a secure path for transmission. There are several ways to secure your website. In an website maintenanceearlier article, I have written about creating a secure website. One of the steps is to use a security plugin. There are several plugins out there, but only a handful would meet your expectations. You can read about the 6 of the best WordPress security plugins that I have talked about, laying out the pros and cons for each.

Did you know, 30,000 websites get hacked each day? This is according to an article on Forbes magazine. Scary, right?! “What should I do”, you ask? You should install a security plugin that will monitor your website for any changes or changes to core files, prevent unauthorized login attempts, create a firewall between your website and the internet and a lot more security measures making it very difficult for unauthorized persons from accessing your website. I came across a very interesting article that talks about the 5 biggest security steps we must take, along with some minor security tweaks to keep our WordPress website safe.

Your website will be faster. Much faster

Let me guess, you’re really tired of your website being ‘laggy’. There is a good chance your plugins are not up-to-date.

Let me try to explain what I mean. Imagine a chain with multiple links. Your plugins, your CMS are all linked like that. Everything forms one long chain. Does that make sense? Awesome! Now, assume that this chain has 10 links. Just for argument sake, the two cornerswebsite maintenance plan represent the CMS core and the rest 8 links represent 8 plugins that you have. Let’s say that you want to restrain something really heavy. Is it sufficient if you upgrade 6 links out of the 10 to make it strong enough to restrain something heavy? No, right? That is obviously because 4 links are still weak and will give way even if the other 6 don’t and if those 4 give way, then the chain would break. That, for us, will be a useless chain.

The case of your plugins and your CMS core is similar. If a couple or even 1 of your plugins is weak, then your website will not have good performance and not to forget, it will be vulnerable to hacking. If you keep your plugins and core updated, your website will be much faster and reliable because all the ‘links’ in the ‘chain’ are upgraded and it is now a stronger ‘chain’. So what is the moral of this story? You should subscribe for a good WordPress maintenance plan.

Your website data is always backed up, ready for any eventuality

One other reason a regular website maintenance plan is really important is periodic website backup. Your website should be backed-up every day, at the least. You never know when you may website maintenance serviceneed your backup. For whatever reason, your website may just break and you may need to revert to your latest backup just to restore your website’s functionality while you figure out what went wrong.

Your website backup is like your life’s savings. It is very important to have savings to help you through difficult times, right? Well, it is exactly the same when it comes to your website. If you don’t have any savings, it becomes very difficult to get past something unexpected happens to your website.

Your website will be Up-to-Date (core and plugin)

Remember what I told you about the different parts of your website being like links to a chain. So, your content management system (CMS) is one link, each plugin is one link. If each link is website maintenance serviceupgraded to become stronger, the chain would become stronger. Right? When links becomes stronger, it prevents the chain from breaking when it is loaded. It also becomes harder for someone else to cut the chain. This means, the compatibility issues that your plugins were facing, will reduce and your website will have better performance. This also means that your website is more resilient to hacking attempts.

Bugs will be squashed right out

website upkeep serviceWhat do you do when you see a broken door, or a door that makes a lot of noise while opening and closing or a leaky tap? You set it right, probably by calling a handyman or if you can, you will do it yourself. It is the same principle essentially, when it comes to problems with your website, or bugs that crop up. Whether you hire someone to maintain your website, or you handle it yourself – whatever the case maybe, if you see a bug, you will make sure it is debugged at the earliest.

Not only does a well-thought-off web maintenance service keeps your website up-to-date, it also helps in ironing out problems that spoil the user experience.

It’s way cheaper to have your website maintained regularly

I’m sure, all of you reading this would be wondering, “Okay great, but how much does it cost, really?” Let’s talk about the cost. It sounds good that regular website maintenance plan helps to do whatever we discussed about so far, but let’s face it, it does come at a price. Now, the website upkeep plansimportant thing is, what happens if you don’t go in for a regular maintenance and decide to do take action only if something breaks? So, preventive maintenance is not your thing.

One fine day you see that your website is behaving rather oddly, plugins are misbehaving, not doing their job, your website looks horrible, nothing is as it should be and for some unknown reason everything is haywire. The first thing is damage control. You do something to restore some basic functionality to your website and then set about finding the problem. It could take you the rest of the day, or it could take you just a couple of hours to fix it. Whatever it is, there is a high chance that your sales takes a hit. If that happens, you lose business.

Let’s say this article got you thinking and you decide to go in for a monthly website maintenance package. Sure, you’ll be charged a fixed amount per month for the services being rendered to you, but it will surely lessen the chances of you losing business. A small price to pay, to keep things running smoothly. There are various plans available to suit your needs, so it’s better to know what you really want, what are the aspects you need covered under maintenance and how much you would like off your plate.

Your prospects and customers like to visit your website

Your website is up-to-date, it’s performance is superb, the user experience is outstanding, web maintenance plansthere is regular content being posted and you have tried to make the user experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. People, will want to keeping coming back to this website. You will get referrals and the traffic to your website will increase. Your prospects will have more confidence if your website is well maintained, since that is the first thing they see about your company and is literally the first point of interaction for them with your company.

So, your website traffic increases. Having a well-maintained website means that as long as your server is able to handle the visitor load, things should be fine. Your website shouldn’t break under heavy load due to heavy website traffic, considering all your plugins are really good ones.

You get more sales

This is where having a high website traffic helps. The more number of people visit your website,upkeep services the higher the chances of you getting business. However, I’m sure you have realized by now that all this depends on how well you maintain your website.

You get more sales if your prospects and existing customers are happy with your website. Your prospects and existing customers will be happy if your website is well maintained, you update it regularly, it isn’t buggy is fast. So, do you see how maintaining your website yields more sales and how crucial a website maintenance plan is? Awesome!

Peace of mind

website maintenance servicesLastly, but definitely not the least, you get peace of mind. You can sleep well at night knowing that your website is safe and well cared for. If something does go wrong after all this, then you can be rest assured you won’t lose your data (which actually is the most important for me). If you know what to do, then by all means you should go ahead and set up a website maintenance plan for your website. However, if you don’t know what to do or are unclear, it is best to leave it to professionals and let them handle your website maintenance for you.

You get more sales if your prospects and existing customers are happy with your website. Your prospects and existing customers will be happy if your website is well maintained, you update it regularly, it isn’t buggy is fast. So, do you see how maintaining your website yields more sales and how crucial a website maintenance plan is? Awesome!


Well, there you have it: 9 reasons why website maintenance plan is absolutely crucial. It is just like doing a regular maintenance for your automobile. If you want your website to work without giving much trouble, you need to take care of it well.

Hope this was useful to you guys. If you can think of any more reasons why website maintenance plan is essential, you can leave them in the comments below. If you have any questions about website maintenance, you can get in touch with us through our website live chat or through our contact us page. Cheers!